Is it normal for Nissan Note front wishbone arms and rear bushes to need replacement after just 21,000 miles?

I have a Nissan Note dCi which is now three years old. I love the car and have always had it serviced at the same dealer where I bought it. When it went in for its last free service and MOT, it passed the MOT fine but they then said it needed "both front wishbone arms and rear bushes replaced" and put it on the Advisory Note. They tried to get it done on the warranty as there were still five days remaining, but Nissan said no. Now the dealer wants over £420 to replace these bushes. What has made me raise the point is that the car has only done 21,000 miles from new, we hardly ever use it and I feel totally let down by both Nissan and the dealer by this. I will be writing to Nissan (if I can find the correct address) to complain about it, as I feel it's a big rip off at that low mileage. I will also be getting other quotes to get this job done as I feel £420.00 to replace them is outrageous.
Push harder. Failure of rear wishbone bushes is not "fair wear and tear" - it is a "premature failure" so the car was not sold to you "of satisfactory quality" and you are entitled for it to be put right free of charge.
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