Shall I change the timing belt on my recently purchased Polo?

We recently purchased a used Volkswagen Polo 1.4 (1999) with 180,000 km from a family that was the original owner. We have taken it to mechanics that confirm it is in very good condition. However, they do urge us to replace the timing belt. The timing belt only has 40k Km on it but was replaced 6 years ago. Neither mechanic took the cover off to see the condition of the belt itself, but stated that because so much time has passed, it needs to be replaced immediately. Thus, my question to you is, are they looking to make a buck or is time really an important factor to consider for the condition of a timing belt?
It's not the mileage or kilometerage, it's the age and the number of cold starts. I'd change it and the water pump as well if it is driven by the belt.
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