Is this Skoda service plan a good deal for my 2007 Roomster?

I own a Skoda Roomster 56-reg and have done since new in January 2007. It has about 28,000 on the clock and has been serviced at the local Skoda dealer (Marlborough in Isleworth) at the correct intervals. I have now been offered a special service deal whereby I would pay £299 for two years/20,000 miles at fixed interval services. I assume this to mean a one-off payment now to cover both the next two services. I am checking this and see that it also includes VAT. If so, it looks a good deal but I would welcome your comments. The only downside I can see is if I were to be involved in an accident leading to a write-off of the car. My last three years' bills (rounded), incl. VAT, have been: Year 1 = £171; Year 2 = £315; Year 3 = £107.
It seems like a reasonable offer (assuming it does include VAT) and means you won't be worrying about future costs. Is it transferable to a new owner? If so, it will add a bit more value to your car and make it more desirable if you were to sell in 12 months or so.
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