Does this sound like a wheel bearing failure?

My 2004 Honda Jazz, with full Honda service history and 52,000 miles, has developed a rotating rumbling noise which sounds as if a bearing may be wearing. I understand that the Jazz has a known problem with gearbox and wheel bearing failures, and that Honda extended its warranty on gearbox bearings for 2002-2008 cars, but I have found no such information on wheel bearings. I would be grateful for your opinion on the cause of the rumble and if we would be entitled to a free repair from Honda, in view of low mileage and service history.
I don't think you would be entitled to a free repair on a car which is now eight years old. The noise might be a wheel bearing, or it might be the tyres. Try swapping the tyres front to back to see if that makes a difference to the noise. If it doesn't, you can be relatively sure the noise is coming from a wheel bearing.
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