How important is a full dealer service history for maintaining the resale value of my Aston Martin?

Is it true that Aston Martins suffer a reduction in value if they are sold without a full Aston Martin dealer service history? If so, how much does it reduce the value compared to the saving from having my local garage carry out the service on a DB9? The Aston Martin dealer's small service costs £900 and a big one is £1500, but my local garage can do it for far less.
If you ever want to sell or part-exchange the car to an Aston Martin dealer then yes, it will have diminished value if it does not have a full Aston Martin service history. This is because customers who come to the dealer will not want to pay as much for a car which lacks a full dealer service history. The same applies to most prestige cars.

As such cars get older it can become acceptable to have them serviced by a marque specialist who is not a dealer, particularly in the cases of Porsche and Ferrari. But a 'local garage' will simply be incapable of servicing this type of car as it won't have the right tools, fluids or necessary diagnostic equipment.
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