How can I prepare my Jeep Cherokee for a long drive with a caravan?

I used to use my 2004 Jeep Cherokee 2.8 CRD Limited to travel backwards and forwards from Exeter to Manchester. More recently we use hire cars, so the Jeep only gets used for social, domestic and pleasure and is doing nothing like the mileage it used to. Soon I will be using it for touring the UK with a caravan, so the Jeep will be getting its first good long haul for some time. I'm having the car fully serviced before we go and I was going to fill it with Shell V-Power diesel and also put a bottle of Redex in the tank. By doing this I figured it would give the engine the best possible internal clean. Can you suggest anything else I could do that would be beneficial?
Don't use both Redex as well as V-Power. I would use only V-Power, and make sure its diesel, not petrol. It's a very easy mistake to make. Since you are going to be towing, possibly in hot weather, you need to make a thorough check of the cooling system of the Jeep. And remember, whenever you stop, to idle the engine for a couple of minutes before switching it off, because the turbocharger will get red hot from towing and needs oil to circulate through its bearing to cool down properly.
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