Why did my local Volkswagen dealer ban me after I questioned their service prices?

I phoned my local Volkswagen dealer for a quote to get a second year service done on my GTI. They quoted £280 and I thought this sounded a bit steep so phoned Mann Egerton (Exeter) and they quoted me £175. I duly booked the car in, and phoned back the Volkswagen dealer to ask them how on earth they can charge £100 more for the same service? They said that's the price - take it or leave it. 5000 miles on I needed front pads and phoned the Volkswagen dealer for a price, and was told I was effectively banned from the dealership. Me thinks they do not like being questioned over rip-off pricing.
Thanks for the tip-off. Just goes to show that it pays to shop around!
Answered by Dan Harrison on

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