Is there an easy way to unclog my Honda Civic's windscreen washer reservoir?

The jets of the windscreen washers of my 2008 Honda Civic S-Type barely reach the windscreen. A mechanic friend has said that it is the reservoir filter clogged up with sediment from the windscreen wash fluid. Is there anything on the market that can be purchased to flush this out, as there does not seem to be any access to the washer bottle under the bonnet (encased in the wing).
Get a hosepipe, shove it into the bottom of the washer reservoir. Hold it there and get someone else to switch on the tap. That will blast all the scum out of the top of the reservoir. Alternatively, buy some Milton baby bottle sterilising fluid from Boots and use that to kill the bacteria in there. If all that fails, then the reason for your problem might be washer pipes trapped and kinked in the bonnet hinge.
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