What preparations should I make to my Mercedes-Benz 320 CLK before a long drive to Portugal?

The current tyres on my 10-year-old Mercedes-Benz 320 CLK are Avons which need replacing at the front after 10,500 miles. Any suggestions? The car is an automatic and therefore should l have the gearbox oil replaced, as well as the brake fluid? We are driving to Spain and Portugal soon and we like the car, so a replacement seems unlikely. Are there any other maintenance areas that we should consider before we leave?
Yes. Change the brake fluid and have the transmission oil changed either by a Mercedes dealer or a member of www.fedauto.co.uk, as it needs to be done at precisely the right temperature and pressure. If there is any hint of engine coolant in the transmission fluid, the car needs a new radiator and transmission fluid heat exchanger. The car may or may not have mismatched tyres front to back, but normal advice if all tyres are the same is to put the best on the back for better stability when hard braking in the wet. Michelin Primacy 3s should do the job.
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