Should my garage have replaced my Jaguar S-Type's bowed radiator?

I have owned a Jaguar S-Type 3.0 automatic Sport since nearly new in 2004, which has run pretty well ever since (current mileage is 85,800 miles). Recently, whilst the car was in for its annual MOT and service, my garage told me that the radiator was "badly bowed at the bottom" and recommended it be replaced within the next 1000 miles at a cost of £550. I expressed some surprise at this, but eventually told them to go ahead because I feared the possible consequences if they didn't replace it. I'm not that mechanically aware, but now realise that I should have at least asked some obvious questions such as is the radiator leaking, before possibly seeking a second opinion.
He might have been talking about the possibility of the automatic transmission fluid heat exchanger inside the radiator failing. More about this here:
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