Should we have our BMW Z4 serviced annually or just when the service indicator says we should?

My girlfriend drives a 5-year-old BMW Z4. She only does about 3000 miles a year and she was wondering about whether or not she should get the car serviced annually. One BMW dealership said 'Yes, bring it in and get it serviced' whilst another dealership said 'No, wait until the car indicates that it needs a service'. What is the best option?
The Z4 has an on-board service indicator that tells you when the car needs servicing. It's a system that's more flexible than the rigid intervals we're all used to. However, it's probably a good idea to have it checked over once a year to make sure everything is as it should be - especially as the car gets older. At the very least it could prevent expensive problems from building up.
Answered by Dan Harrison on

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