Why does my Volvo V70 use so much oil?

We bought a used 2006 Volvo V70 T5SE in April 2011 with 59,000 miles on the clock that continues to consume about a litre of engine oil every 2000 miles. We took the car to the dealership that supplied the car to investigate the excessive oil consumption. Unfortunately they found no visible leakage, checked the turbo and carried out an engine compression check. As no fault could be found, they asked us to continue to monitor consumption. Have you any idea what might be causing such excessive oil loss, specifically from a Volvo V70 T5?
I think it's too early for valve stem seal wear, unless the engine has done a lot more miles than are on the clock. Could be the turbo bearing oil seals, but then emissions would increase and the car would fail its MoT. Some engines do use a lot of oil, particularly Audis and BMWs that can get down to 600 miles a litre, which is considered "normal" by Audi. This means that during Audi's ‘variable’ (up to 22,000 mile) oil change regime, the engine will have used the equivalent of three to four oil changes anyway. Your engine is now due for a timing belt, tensioner and waterpump change. They can and do fail prematurely.
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