Are we really going to have two-yearly MoTs and is this really safe?

I cannot believe what I am reading in your column about two-yearly MOTs. My son is in the business and takes in many cars and vans for MOTs. He continually sees vehicles that are downright dangerous. Two of the biggest culprits are tyres with little or no tread. It is nothing for him to have to fit four new tyres. The second is brake pads very often worn right down. He tells me that broken springs are also high on the list. He even found one on my car that I knew nothing about. Two-year testing will put many testing stations out of business.
The switch to two-yearly MoTs was abandoned. And, from January 2012 the MoT test has been toughened up and broadened in its scope to include many things previously not tested, such as airbags and ESP. I predict that this will put more cars off the road than the scrappage scheme. And not necessarily for the right reasons. Why should a perfectly good car have to be scrapped because its multiple airbags have failed when a car never fitted with airbags will pass?
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