Should I buy a diesel car or go for a petrol model?

I'm considering buying a secondhand older model Ford Focus Diesel, up to say 18 months old. Two friends have cautioned me about the diesel engine and/or the turbo, some parts which cost a lot to replace if it fails, and advised me to go for a petrol engine because I don't do enough miles to warrant the higher maintenance expense of a diesel. Can you kindly help?
Take the advice of your friends. In years three to six, a Focus diesel could cost you: £1000 for a new DPF, £1200 for a new DMF and clutch, £1500 for a new turbo and associated oil pipes, £500 for a new EGR and £350 for a new timing belt. Even if you only have to replace one or two of those, it will take a lot of driving to make up the cost with better fuel economy.
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