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I have just had my two-year old CR-V serviced at 38,000 miles. The Honda dealer replaced the front brake pads (the first time they had been replaced) but told me that the front discs also needed replacing because they had worn below the Honda recommended minimum thickness of 26mm. I asked them if they would replace them under warranty and he said they did not think so because Honda only gave them a life of around 40,000 miles. I wrote to Honda but Honda was adamant that this was normal wear and they would not replace them under warranty. I find it unbelievable that Honda would design a car such that the first set of brake pads and the brake discs wear out at the same rate. I am not hard on brakes, the head technician at the dealership said 38,000 miles was good for a set of pads.
This is standard for every car these days. After asbestos was banned from brake pad material the only way to achieve the same braking effect was to make the brake discs softer and add metallic content to the pads. This has made discs more subject to corrosion and to wear than before.
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