Must my new Mazda 6 be serviced at a Mazda dealer to keep the warranty valid?

In March of this year, I purchased a new Mazda 6 TS2 Estate from a main dealer and it is now coming up for its first service (12,500 miles). It was suggested to me at the time that if the car was not serviced by a Mazda main dealer, then the warranty would be void. Is this correct? My understanding of this is that this restriction cannot be implemented by law as this limits the choice as to where you can have serving done. I buy my cars new or nearly new and have always used a very good local independent garage that provides me with a very good personal service. We had a Mazda MX-5 a couple of years back which had one service done by this local garage before being traded in for a BMW Z4. We had some trouble with this as the main Mazda dealer claimed they could not find any service history, although the local garage claim to have entered it on the main Mazda computer service programme (I produced an invoice for the BMW dealer to prove the work had been done). It could be that the law has been changed and that a main dealer can insist on a vehicle being serviced by them to validate the guarantee. Your comments on this would be greatly appreciated.
If the service is performed other than at a Mazda dealer you have to be able to absolutely prove that the service has been carried out precisely to manufacturer requirements using exactly the right fluids and components. If there is any variation (and there usually is) then the warranty will be void. And that's entirely fair. Why should a manufacturer warrant a complex machine after any Tom, Dick or Harry has mucked about with it? Furthermore, Mazda services are electronically recorded. If this is not kept up then your car will not receive any voluntary dealer recalls that may be necessary.
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