I sold a car which was serviced by myself and advertised it as having 'full service history' - is this legal?

I traded in a car to a motor trader. I serviced this vehicle via my limited company and stamped the book with date and mileage. We're not qualified mechanics and don't have workshop facilities, but the services were carried out. The dealer says this is fraud and illegal. When asked by the trader I disclosed all the above information and put 'sold as seen' on the invoice. Is this legal?
While fraud may be a little strong for this, the dealer does have a point. If the service has not been carried out by qualified technicians without workshop facilities (and presumably the manufacturer's service schedule), then it's as good as no service history. 'Sold as seen' has no basis in UK law. An item must be fit for the purpose for which it is sold and all the usual consumer protection applies:

"When you buy goods you form a contract between the buyer and the seller which is legally binding and is covered by a law called the Sale of Goods Act 1979. If you have purchased goods, from a trader, that have become faulty or were not as described when you purchased them or are not fit for the purpose for which you bought them read our information below and know your consumer rights."

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