Are there any cheap, basic cars available in the UK?

I am old. In car years, my vehicle is even older. I don’t drive it because I like classic cars. I drive it because, not having a nice taxpayer-funded pension, I simply can’t afford a better one. Even used cars seem over-priced given what you say about their limited longevity and the high cost of maintenance and repairs. It seems to me most of this expenditure is due not to the mechanics, but to the very expensive electronics. Will manufacturers ever revert to producing basic models, free of all the gizmos, cheap to buy and cheap to run? Or are they shackled by dealers dependency on profits from the workshop? We do very few miles but they are vital ones as we live in the country and are not as mobile as once we were. Any thoughts on what we might consider given that in the current climate our savings are in as poor a state as our wheels?
Yes, the Indian-built Dacia (pronounced ‘Datcha’) Duster base model is very basic. No radio, no a/c, no spare wheel, and wind-up windows. More here:

The 2013 Dacia Sandero will be even cheaper. Possibly under £6000, same as the smaller Suzuki Alto and Nissan Tino. Renault did not previously import Dacias to the UK because they were thought to be too basic for the British market and not profitable enough. Now they have had a re-think.
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