Volkswagen Polo is wearing brake discs and pads very rapidly - why?

Last year I purchased a brand new Volkswagen Polo under the scrappage scheme. In the first 18 months a distance of about 8500 miles was driven, mostly school runs, around town and the occasional 100-mile motorway trip. It wasn't spirited driving as most of the time, a seven-year old child was strapped into the back seat. At a routine service, with 8500 miles on the clock, we were informed that the front brake pads had worn down and we also needed the front discs replacing. I am aware that the move from asbestos based pads means that discs no longer last as long as they used to, but this seems a little excessive. I am assuming that the discs didn't warp through excessive heating.
That is excessive, and guess what? Volkswagen does not warrant its discs or pads beyond six months or 6500 miles. I had the front wheels off my three-year-old FIAT 500 a month ago to fit its winter wheels and tyres and, at just 14,000 miles, though the outer rims of the discs were crusty with rust there was almost no wear on the discs themselves. Maybe FIAT and Volkswagen should swap reputations
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