Why don't you post up some beginner classes in engine maintenance?

Our Honda CR-V is now back having had a damaged number two exhaust valve replaced and the one next to it, all other valves re-seated and head skimmed etc, plus a new timing belt (old one only two years old but thought worthwhile as the head was off anyway). Bill £1072. Fingers firmly crossed that this was the problem causing the engine management light coming on. As you kindly advised, it was not on your website as a regular fault. However one fault that was shown on your website was the grinding noise, differential oil situation and this is exactly what affected my CR-V two years ago. Have you ever thought of championing beginner classes in engine care and maintenance for those like me who have no experience but want (and need) to learn, and no-one to help?
We are doing this. This rather long link gets you to some of our video practical guides: www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Honest+John+p...0 (TINY URL: tinyurl.com/72wfzfy)
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