Do the plugs in my 2004 Audi V6 saloon need to be gap adjusted?

For the past four years, I have enjoyed completely trouble free motoring from my 2004 Audi 2.4 V6 saloon, thanks entirely to the superb (and modestly priced) servicing care received from my local independent specialist garage, Richard Lloyd of Basford. Throughout that time, Richard has talked me out of having the spark plugs either changed or even refurbished, saying that this is now an unnecessary practice given the absence of lead in petrol, reliable, breakerless ignition and continuing improvements in fuel technology, etc. Also, he points out that due to modern plug design, the earlier need for regular electrode gap adjustment has of course been eliminated. In short, it would seem that attention to plugs is now a thing of the past. Have you any thoughts on this subject, please?
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