Can I get the balance of warranty on this car?

I recently bought a Hyundai i30 from Motorpoint (registered March 2011) and was assured that I would enjoy the balance of manufacturer's warranty. However, on checking the service history, I note that the car never had a servicing done, but the mileage stood at 8900 when I bought it. The service books recommends 12 months or 12500 miles (whichever comes sooner). I queried this with the salesman before buying, but he assured me that it is not a problem as the mileage was still below the 12500 limit. I read Hyundai's warranty terms and conditions and it says that not following the servicing schedule may void my warranty. I am now worried that I might have to fork out extra money to buy warranty on what is only a 2 years old car. Can you please advise where I stand on this?
First go to a Hundai dealer and find out if you can re-instate the warranty. If you can't, go back to Motorpoint and demand that they pay for a warranty for the car up to 5 years old.
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