Fiat Multijet Diesel Timing Chain Failure - Reasonable Lifetime Expectancy

The timing chain has failed after approx 75000 miles, despite correct servicing. My garage who are currently undertaking repairs (they are in the Good Garage Scheme) contacted Fiat on my behalf but were told by Fiat that it is out of the warranty period (3 years) and so will not cover the repair bill of £2500. Is a claim worth pursuing? I understand the timing chain is non serviceable and is supposed to last the lifetime of the car/ engine and a relative has suggested that there may be a case as the component has not met its reasonable lifetime expectancy.
The Good Garage Scheme is merely means that the garage buys a range of lubricants and additives. It is a rip-off of The Good Garage Guide in which all garages have to be recommended by customers. The life of a timing chain depends on oil changes. FIAT 1.3 Multijets really need an oil change very 5k - 7k miles.
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