Should the dealer continue to service a 75k car if I want to sell in 1-2 years?

My Honda Accord Tourer CDTi HFT has been serviced by the Honda dealer that I bought it from with the exception of a recent clutch change (£560 vs £850). I will probably sell it when I need to drive to work again, in about a year or two. Should I continue to have it serviced by the dealer or use a recommended mechanic? I used to drive 15,000 miles a year but I am commuting by train now and drive 5000 miles a year. I would contrast the reduced cost of the mechanic against the selling price and the goodwill of the dealer.
Entirely up to you, The car has lost most of its value anyway, so non-Honda servicing from year 5 and 75k miles won't make a huge difference.
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