Problem with roof mechanism

On a Friday in April whilst putting down the roof of our 13 year old Mercedes 230SLK, it failed with the boot section up and the quarter lights down. The mechanical over-ride was identified and we managed to get the boot down but could not bring back up the quarter lights. I was recommended to Stuttgart Motors, Pontypridd, who arranged to pick up the car the following Monday and at 7.30am a fitter arrived to collect the car. The car was with them for two days during which they followed the diagnostic checks required and identified that it was an hydraulic fault rather than mechanical or electrical. However they needed to buy a tool from Mercedes to carry out further tests and returned the car to me with the quarter lights returned to the correct position. About 2 weeks later they collected the car again and after having it for a further day advised that they still had not identified the precise fault and had exhausted the computerised diagnostic checks. They had returned to the manuals and needed two further tools from Germany to complete their diagnosis. Once again the car was returned and two weeks then elapsed during which time I was getting increasingly concerned about the cost that were mounting. In a phone call with Kevin James, the proprietor, he assured me that we would 'not fall out over money'. When the tools arrived they took the car and quickly identified a failed hydraulic pump which was a first for them with this model. The costs of the replacement part was £880 including VAT. The garage said that if I did not want to proceed to mend the car then he felt that four hours labour was a fair price to idebntify the fault and this would amount to £260. If I did want to repair the car then the part, plus oil and a further 2-3 hours labour would resolve the problem. Total cost £1300. I had the car mended and have nothing but praise for the customer care I received and the friendliness of the fitters I met.
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