How long to keep Fiesta?

I bought a Fiesta 1.6 Titanium (manual 90 bhp version, registered Oct 2009) a year ago, having done 26000miles. I do ~12-13000 miles a year, mostly on a 55 mile round trip commute on dual carriageway. All my previous cars have been petrol, and I have kept them for 10+ years until repairs get too expensive and scrap them. How long have I got before I likely to run into expensive repairs, as I am wondering if I should swap cars sooner then I normally would do. I presume the fast A-road driving will mean DPF problems are unlikely, and I dont think the Fiesta has a DMF. Also, is it worth getting it serviced at a main/franchaised dealer (Evans Halshaw who I bought it from), or my local independant?
Presumed 1.6TDCI. No, no DMF. Torque reaction to the transmission is handled by engine management. The Ford warranty is only 12 months manufacturer followed by 24 months dealer, so the last 2 years are dependent on dealer servicing. After that, up to you. Fords are very well known. But Ford dealer servicing is generally okay. I've always used Ford dealers for my Fords.
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