Bought a Ford Galaxy from Addison Lee in London

Just letting you know how impressed I was with the level of help and service I received from Addison Lee Car Sales in London when I bought one of their vehicles last month. The rate turnover of cars there is quite high and the staff are busy but they took the time to help me choose the 'best' car. I asked what sort of things should I be looking for when choosing a vehicle and was advised wear and tear to seats was high on the list as that can be expensive to rectify, the cooling fans are electrically driven on that model of Galaxy and can wear out, likewise the cambelt pulleys can become noisy well before cambelt replacement is due. On the test drive the member of staff who accompanied me identified worn out shock absorbers and they were replaced before I purchased the vehicle (I did not pick up on this so was pleased to have his assistance). They also put new wheel trims on and gave it a quick wash / vacuum, which I had not expected. Each vehicle also has a printed out service history. It was refreshing to deal with people who answered questions directly and did not try the hard sell. I have emailed Addison Lee explaining how pleased I am with the purchase and to pass on my thanks to their sales staff, but thought you would be interested in my experience. I think it is worth stating I have no other connection with Addison Lee.
Very many thanks. Useful information. Have added the tips to the Galaxy entry in
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