Tappety Engine Noise

I just purchased a Audi A2 1.4 SE with 67K on the clock. There is no service history. I noticed when I drove away with it a tappety noise. It got a little louder and quicker as I accelerated however when I put my foot off the accelerator the tappety noise goes away. When it is idle the tappety noise is still there however it is not very loud but you can hear it. Is this normal? I had a 1.4i Honda Civic before this and it did not make this noise thats why it concerned me. The problem is that I took it to a number of independant garages but all came back with different diagnosis which is causing me a major problem as I do not know who to turn to and I do not want to end up with the same problem after paying for the work. 1. First one said the tappets need changing aswell as the camshaft 2. Second one stated the tappets only need a clean and an oil change 3. Third one said it needs a flush and oil change 4. Fourth one said the bottom end is gone so uneconomical for repair 5. Fifth one said the timing of the tappets is out of place with the camshaft so just need adjusted 6. Sixth one said the timing belt needs chaged and the tensioner belts (previous owner said its been done - however I have no proof that it has been and it was something I was going to change anyway) I have checked the oil which is fresh then again the previous owner did say it was servived in June and since then only done a few hundred miles. As you can see I have been given a number of solutions but I really do not know anything about what they have said. I bought the car for £2000 and the thought of major repairs is giving me a headache.
Well your engine has hydraulic tappets, and it may be that they are sticking.
You could have them replaced, or your could have them removed and cleaned.
Flushing and changing oil could be a first attempt at rectifying the problem , but make sure that you refill with good quality oil.

If not then replacement might be the solution.

As for the 6th garage statement ref the belt tensioners, there is a known fault on your model which is that the belt tensioners fail resulting in excessive noise.

Before you do anything else we would suggest that you go onto the HJ website and look under the "good garages" and find one near to you and get them to check it out in the first instance.
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