My diesel Corsa won't start

I'm working on a Vauxhall Corsa 1.3 diesel and for some reason it won't start. On the diagnostics it's saying codes P0100 and P0110 - it's got plenty of fuel in and I've tried towing it! Have u any ideas please?
The code P0100 is indicating that the MAF (mass air flow) sensor is faulty.
The code P0110 is indicating an IAT (intake air temp) sensor fault (this is inside the MAF).

Are you sure that the diagnostic reader is of good quality?
If so then the check for the MAF is as follows
Disconnect the MAF
Terminal 2 and earth / ign on / reading should be 11 to 14V
Terminal 4 and earth / ign on /reading should be 5V

The check the IAT is disconnected and check the resistance reading between terminals 1 and 3, reading should be 2534 ohms.
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