Which Skoda Superb Estate is reliable?

I would love to buy a Superb Estate as a family car to keep it for a long time. Resources are not limitless, so I have to keep overall cost over 10 years and roughly 170,000 miles in mind. I read of many issues on forums with various VAG engines like the 1.4 Tsi engines, however it sounds like the 122 bhp one is fine. Is that correct? The 1.6 TDi is obviously like the 1.4 TSI - a small engine in a large car - would they be working too hard? Looking at both the 1.6 TDi and 2.0 TDi common rail engines - do they, from what we know at the moment, have similar issues like the 2.0 PD engine had with it's oil pump and Siemens piezo injector or have VAG corrected their faults now? I don't think I've read of any issues with the latest VAG common rail diesels, or are they also problematic? Assume that I never rev a cold engine over 2500 rpm and a warm one never over 4000 rpm, I service my cars like clock work and drive 15 miles motorway each way to work daily (which I think is good enough for DPF). Taking into consideration things like turbos; injectors; DMF; DPF and whatever else they bolt on to these engines, which of the above 3 engines, with our current knowledge, should require the least repairs (ignoring fuel and tax etc for the moment)?
The 1.4TSI 122, the 1.8 TSI 160/170 and the 2.0 TFSI are all chain cam engines. The diesels are all belt cam. Over 10 years these engines and their exhaust systems should require about £5,000 less work than the diesels.
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