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I have just bought a Land Rover SVX soft top from Stratstones in Stourbridge with full service history (I traded in a Lotus Elise). Taking the word of the salesman I did not check the paperwork until getting home. The vehicle was registered in September 2008 and the first service was April 2009, then there was nothing until June 2011. Land Rover states in the service book 12,000 miles or 12 months whichever comes first. Am I right in thinking that this does not have full service history? The vehicle is a limited edition and I feel this will affect the sale ability in the future therefore I would like my money back. I would appreciate your feed back as to how I stand.
No, it doesn't. So this is not acceptable unless Stratstones can supply you with a letter from Land Rover stating that the service regime of the car is 100% okay both for warranty purposes and for goodwill. If they cannot get this, then the next stage is to demand an unconditional guarantee on the car for 3 years. If you can't get that, back the car for a full cash refund on the basis that you have been fraudulently misled.
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