What is your opinion on buying second-hand petrol turbocharged cars? My current car is a Skoda Octavia vRS (2001, 106,000 miles) and when stopping at a service station etc.,on a motorway journey I always leave the engine idling for a few minutes to allow the turbocharger to cool down slightly before switching off. Is this still necessary with more modern turbo cars? I suspect the majority of people don't bother with this and am I therefore in danger of inheriting trouble if I replace my Skoda with a second-hand turbo car?
Still a good idea. Your turbo is water cooled (I had the same engine in a Leon) so it’s a bit less critical. But always good to give it all the help you can by idling for a minute or two, especially after a long ascent. Turbo cars on track days are always left idling in the pits for a few minutes before being switched off.
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