Dip sick

I've just had my Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.4 D-4D’s first 10,000-mile service by the Toyota Garage that sold me the car 9 months ago. When I got home (approx 8 miles away) I pulled out the oil dipstick and worryingly noticed the oil was still black, not the golden brown I expected. I checked a couple of hours later, and noticed that the oil had been topped up to the dipstick full mark - it had been half way between the indicator marks before the service. The garage service manager said the black colour was normal with a diesel engine as remnants of the old oil can't be completely drained off even though the engine was still hot when they serviced the car. Should I be concerned that the oil change was carried out properly?
The service manager is right. A diesel engine deposits a lot of carbon inside and that blackens fresh oil very quickly.
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