Why did a Jaguar dealer tell me that my chain cam XJ6's timing belt needs changing?

I own a 2004 Jaguar XJ6 3.0 petrol automatic which has completed 61,000. It has been main dealer serviced from new and I have owned it since August 2007. The car has been a delight to own. At its last service it was mentioned that the timing belt will need to be renewed shortly at a cost of £1,200. I checked with a well-trusted local family-owned garage that we have used for years, which has serviced our other family cars. They stated that my car has a chain rather than a timing belt and does not need replacement. I'm now confused and clearly would value advice. If it does have a belt, are there any independent garages that could carry this out now that the car's value is low?
It's a chain cam Ford engine and the chain should last the life of the engine. It’s actually a very good engine. It is even used in 200mph turbocharged Noble sports cars. If a Jaguar dealer workshop manager misled you, then write to the dealer principal accusing his dealership either of gross incompetence or of attempted fraud.
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