Should I expect potential cylinder head gasket problems on my Rover 75?

I was interested in your advice to the owner of a 2003 turbocharged Rover 75 1.8T. I have a Rover 25 1.6 GXi, bought 'as new' July 2007. To date it does not loose coolant, which I check regularly. Do you think I have a potential problem looming up regarding the cylinder head gasket that might influence me keeping the car? Whilst writing do you think I should consider changing the timing belt? I am an elderly driver and do low mileage, total to date approximately 22,000. If I ought to consider changing the car, can you recommend a new or secondhand four-seater saloon having low running costs?
There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this non-turbo engine as long as you regularly check the coolant header tank for any drop in coolant. This can occur due to failure of the 'O' ring gaskets between the cylinder head and the water heated inlet manifold. Because the engine itself has a very small coolant capacity, even a smallish leak can rapidly lead to overheating, at which point any or all of the horrific things you have heard about can happen: head gasket failure, warped or cracked head, cylinder wet liner displacement. So just check that coolant level regularly.

Yes, a timing belt replacement within the next year would be a wise precaution. Rover stopped production in April 2005 so a ‘new’ Rover bought in 2007 wasn’t new.
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