Can you recommend a small car with easy passenger access and a low roof for my sister?

My sister is considering replacing her 7-year-old Toyota Yaris T Spirit 1.3 automatic with which she has been very pleased but she thinks it might now start costing her money. She has only reached 27,575 miles and only does short journeys. At her latest service she had to pay £400 for various things over and above the service, the cost of the service being covered by the service plan. She has had a renewal invitation from the dealer to take out a further two-year service plan cover and is wondering if it is time to change. She would like something similar but a little smaller but she regularly has our other sister as passenger who has some difficulty getting in and out of the car. She also has a need to take up to two passengers in the back. As there is a slope up to my sister's garage this restricts the height of the vehicle that she can have. With her current car there is about 25cm clearance above but she cannot get her car in the garage with the aerial on. Do you have any suggestions please?
The KIA Picanto II is the latest thing, comes with a 7-year warranty, is very pretty, and is rather good. 1.25 Automatic £10,795:

A Hyundai i10 has the same engine and transmission at £9,395
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