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I bought my BMW X3 new on 29 April 2006. It has done 63,000 miles and been serviced in accordance with BMWs recommendations by a BMW garage. I have a BMW fully comprehensive extended warranty that cost £427 for 12 months from 29 April 2010. A warning light has come on and the Owner's Handbook states "Exhaust emission values have deteriorated. Have your car checked as soon as possible". I had the car checked at a BMW garage who have informed that a "de-coke required, involving cylinder head removal to rectify “emm light on", and that this is not covered by the warranty. The cost will be in the order of £1,600 (one thousand six hundred pounds). Please advice on best course of action
BMW fully supports its indicator based service regime and this problem should not have happened. I spoke to senior person at BMW with the result that JF received a phone call from the dealer to tell him that the work would, in fact, be carried out under warranty.
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