Can I expect any problems if I drive my 2008 Ford Mondeo to 100,000 miles?

I have owned a Ford Mondeo Titanium X 2.5T from new. It is now two years old and has 46,000 miles on the clock. I normally trade my car in after two years but I cannot find a car that compares with my current car for comfort, accessories and drive quality (I paid £17,000 for it brand new, with some good negotiating and discounts, and even with 18-inch wheels and sports suspension it still feels great to drive). The engine in particular is fantastic on a car this size, offering everything I could ask for and more. Could you tell me any problems I may encounter if I keep it for another two years, which will probably take the mileage to around 100,000?
It's a Volvo engine, and they can suffer timing belt problems. I'd think about having the belt, tensioner, small pulleys and water pump replaced within the next six months. The direct replacement is the 2.0 SCTI Ecoboost 240, which is a recent development of the 10-year-old Ford 2.0-litre chain-cam engine, tested and video tested here:
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