Does my Mercedes-Benz A-Class' belt-driven automatic system require maintenance?

I need some advice on my 2007 Mercedes-Benz A180 CDi Auto with 25,000 miles on the clock. Yes, some people like them. It is annually serviced by the Mercedes-Benz local dealer. We love the car as it fits our retired lifestyle. It’s great around town and feels like a much bigger car on the motorway and it's economical. I worry slightly about the automatic system, which I believe is belt driven. Are there any longer term issues with this system or the belts? If so, should I consider a replacement in the near future or at a certain mileage?
There have been a few problems with the CVT in A-Class and B-Class, but not many. Certainly not an epidemic. Best to have the (expensive) transmission fluid changed every two or three years. I agree with you. The A-Class from 2005 is a real small Mercedes. The original A-Class wasn't.
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