Does our 2-year-old Nissan Micra really need new wiper blades, new brake fluid and an air con service?

My wife purchased a year old Nissan Micra 1.2 Acenta a year ago. It has just been in for service at the selling dealers, the main Nissan agent in this area. On top of the basic service they have told her that this 2-year-old, 12,000 mile car needs three new wiper blades (£26), the brake fluid draining, flushing and replacing (£52) and the air con 'servicing' (£63). Are they trying it on?
The brake fluid can be tested for moisture content and it only needs to be replaced if this is excessive. If the wipers are working fine, no need to replace them. When they start to fail you can DIY very easily with replacements from Halfords. The a/c may or may not have lost some gas. If it has been used regularly (at least 10 minutes a week through the winter) then the lubricants in the refrigerant should have kept the seals gas tight. If not it may have lost some gas and all a £63 a/c service consists of is removal of the gas, weighing it, and replacing with the correct quantity.
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