Timing belt replacement

I have just found out from my local independent garage that the timing chain needs replacing on my Zafira. In Feb 2010 the main Vauxhall dealership in York replaced the Timing kit under warranty. Having identified the problem with the local garage, I have since spoken to the Vauxhall dealership, who without seeing the car are understandably unlikely to commit to anything but point out the such items come with a 12 months standard warranty. My personal inclination is that I would feel let down if they would not at least make a contribution to the cost of replacement as it should not need replacing within 18 months. Is this reasonable, and what options are available to me if are not prepared to make a contribution? The local garage have offered to do the work, which I understand involves replacing the timing chain, balancer chain and gasket for £620. Is this reasonable?
Vauxhall will not contribute to work done outside its dealer chain.
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