Repairs after warranty

We purchased a new Chrysler PT Cruiser CRD in June 2007. On its third service at a Chrysler main dealer the front bushes were replaced under warranty in June 2010 at 32K. On its fourth service in May 2011 at 41K we were advised that the front bushes again needed replacing. As the vehicle is outside warranty the servicing dealer advised that this work is fully chargeable (£452). Is it reasonable for Chrysler to make some contribution towards the cost? Surely suspension bushes should last longer than this? We previously owned a 2000 PT Cruiser petrol and covered more than 70,000 miles without these being replaced.
The problem is probably the weight and torque of the Mercedes diesel engine. I'll include in car by car breakdown. Chrysler is in the process of being bought by FIAT, so don't expect much.
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