Sebring service intervals

I drive a Chrysler Sebring and cover 15-19000 miles ayear mostly on rural roads or motorway. The draw back with this car is the 9000 miles service interval, although it is a nice comfortable car to drive and it seems to be fuel efficient. I would like a 4x4 or AWD which is easy to service and maintain price wise. I would trade in my Sebring, a 2009 model. Alternatively, should I just buy a Ford or such like and stick to a set of winter tyres during October-March?
9,000 mile services are sensible. 18,000 mile services are not sensible. Unfortunately a Sebring is virtually unknown in the UK and consequently worth buttons (not even booked), so you might as well get some value out of the money you have spent and keep it, fitting a set of winter tyres from November to March.
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