When should I change the antifreeze in my car?

I have a March 2018 BMW 530i. Can you please advise on the recommended time interval before changing the antifreeze? I thought it was every six years but the guy who services my car said he thinks it was around 2018 when BMW advised that the antifreeze was now good for 10 years. Does the recommended interval vary between car manufacturers and are there different antifreeze specifications with different recommended replacements intervals.
We would agree with the 10 year interval and yes different manufacturers will have differing time scales. There are different types (colours) green, orange, red and yellow. You should stick with whatever colour is in the engine at present. Organic Acid Technology (OAG) is found in most newer cars and does not contain silicates or phosphates but has azoles and neutralized organic acids (corrosion inhibitors). It provides high-temperature protection for aluminum and is typically orange or red.

Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) has silicates and has an extended life lasting up to 10 years. It is typically orange or yellow.
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