I'll be three days late with service - is my FSH affected?

My car is just coming up to 3 years old and my 3rd annual service is due. My 3 year warranty expires on the same day. If I get my service done a few days before the warranty expires the dealer has to use manufacturer parts. However, the dealer has offered me the same service 3 days after the warranty expires, using non-manufacturer parts and it's 20% cheaper. I am likely to trade the car in within the next few months so I'm keen to keep the service cost down. If I get the service done 3 days after the warranty expires, 3 days late for its service, will those three days affect my FSH? More to the point, when I take the car to a dealer to trade in, would they be able to devalue the car based on the most recent service being 3 days late?
If you have your car serviced in accordance with the service schedule - which is normally specified in terms of mileage or years/months, rather than specific days - then it will retain its full service history. The exact date of the service should only come into play regarding the warranty, which depending on your vehicle may be expiring when the car reaches three years old in any case.

While it is impossible to say for certain that a service being carried out three days late would not affect the value of the vehicle, we would expect any prospective purchaser to check that the services had been carried out within a reasonable time frame of the recommended schedule, and three days is a more than reasonable margin.
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