I have just bought a 2018 SEAT Leon - do I need to change anything like the cambelt?

I have purchased a 68 plate SEAT Leon ST 2.0 TSI. It has had 1 owner and has covered 41k miles. Is there any vital maintainance that needs carrying out straight away or in the next year/10k miles in terms of the cam belt / water pump / DSG gear box that iId specifically need to ask for outside of a normal service?
Your car has a cambelt and should be changed every 5 years or 80,000 miles which ever comes first. Therefore we would check to see if the belt has been changed and if not (or unsure) then would get it changed now. As for the water pump the garage may well suggest changing it at the same time as the belt (only because it is easy to change at the same time with little or no extra labour cost). This is more a belt and braces exercise and is not really necessary. As for the DSG that should be serviced at 40,000 miles and as such would also get that done at the same time as the cambelt.
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