My car has only covered 1100 miles in the last year, does it still need a service?

I have only travelled 1100 miles in the last year and my service is due, is it worth getting a service? Should I need to get a service so soon? I also have 18 years no claim bonus, shall I still protect it? Is it worth the extra money?
Even though you have only travelled 1100 miles, Dacia recommend the Sandero is serviced every 12,000 miles or every year, whichever comes first. It may be tempting to skip a service, but regular servicing is the best way to keep a car in good health and potentially prevent problems before they occur. Although garages offer a service and MoT at the same time, you should service the car when the schedule requires it rather than arranging it around your MoT.

Paying to protect your no-claims bonus means that you can make two claims in any three year period without it affecting your no-claims bonus. Given you drive a low annual mileage the risk is reduced, but at the same time you have 18 years of no-claims. Ultimately it is a personal choice based on the cost of the protection versus how your premiums will increase if you have to make a claim.
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