Should I buy a car that hasn't been serviced in line with the manufacturer's maintenance schedule?

You recommended a SEAT Arona to me a few days ago, and I have test driven one that looks just what I need. However, it has done 15,000 miles from new (new at November 2019), but its first service was last month, when the main dealer serviced and MOT’d it. So no service history. How worried should I be about this lack of any attention for three years? It drives fine, but I’m no mechanic.
This is a big red flag, avoid and take your business elsewhere

There really is no excuse not to service a new car in accordance with its manufacturer's maintenance record. Not only will the mechanical condition be compromised but it raises more questions than answers about the history of the car.

The SEAT Arona is a common car on the used market, there really isn't any reason to accept one with a shoddy service history.
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