How can I get proof of a car's full service history?

I recently purchased a used Dacia Duster with a comprehensive service history duly stamped in the service book - but with no invoices to back this up. My local Renault/Dacia garage say that they are unable to confirm that the servicing has been completed as per schedule as the car is not local to them and they have no way of checking. I seem to recall that some car manufacturers can provide a detailed servicing history on request - but Renault/Dacia are not one of them. Owing to data protection rules I am unable to contact the previous owner to check further on my car's history. Can you suggest any other course of action?
I find the dealer's explanation to be highly improbable. If the service history is not logged on the Renault/Dacia centralised system, could one of the dealership staff not make some enquiries to confirm the servicing has been completed as per the schedule?

My suggested course of action would be to take your business elsewhere, as this is very poor customer service on the dealer's part.
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