Engine cover missing after service, what can I do?

I collected my 2021 Jazz from a Honda dealer after having its first service. When I got home I had a look to make sure all the levels were right and I noticed the 'Earth Dreams' engine cover was missing, I wasn't able to immediately go back but a couple of days later I did, I spoke to the manager (as it happens) and he said some cars did come with it and some didn't, he then just fobbed me off. What do you think my next move, if anything, should be? I know it's not exactly an important component, but it was on there!
If you're absolutely sure the cover was there and not replaced after the service we would be contacting Honda's customer support line on 0354 200 8000. It's not that important, but that's no excuse to lie and say it didn't have it fitted!
Answered by Lawrence Allan on

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